General conditions of car rental, cancellation or modification.

This rate includes:

  • Unlimited mileage
  • Local taxes. (IGIC)
  • Airport service will depend on the duration of the contract and during working hours, if for any reason the client would like to have a vehicle after hours he would have to pay a supplement of 25 euros for extra services.
  • Free second driver
  • Chair or lifts for children free
  • Correction and cancellation of free reservations
  • Basic third party insurance with default franchise
  • We have insurance that covers all risk insurance without excess according to vehicle category. (no insurance covers the loss of the key, lowering the vehicle or driving recklessly and under the influence of alcohol or drugs) Category A-B 8 EUROS Category C-D 10 EUROS AND Categories E-F-G-H 12 EUROS

This rate does not include:

  • Damage to tires and tires.
  • It is forbidden to drive the vehicle off paved roads (such as dirt roads, beaches, cross country, etc).
    Loss, breakage or deterioration of vehicle keys or remote controls.
  • Improper refueling.
  • Claims caused by reckless driving, or under the influence of alcoholic beverages or other substances.
  • Losses, damages, etc. are not included in goods or objects stored or transported in the vehicle.
    Damage caused by bad parking.

General Conditions

  • The minimum rental age is 23 years (except for some high-end vehicles that will require a minimum of 25 years and a 3-year seniority on the traffic permit).
  • The driving license must be valid in Europe and a minimum of 1 year.
  • The customer must return the vehicle with the same amount approx. of fuel with which he received it.
  • The vehicle can only be driven by persons expressly indicated in the rental agreement.
  • Vehicles cannot be moved between islands, unless allowed by AVANT RENT A CAR.
  • The fines are paid by the client and the amount of € 50 will be charged for the management of their identification.